Making Sure Your Conference Takes Off

Conference management can often feel like a giant game of Whack-a-Mole. No matter how hard you work, as soon as you cross one item off the list, two more items pop up. You just want to get ahead of the details so you can spend more time focusing on the substance of the event you’re planning. But the moles keep popping up.

Conference management isn’t easy, but we all know that it’s worth it. Like you, we value the opportunity to gather people together to build lifelong relationships. Our goal is to make conference management easy so that people like you will keep doing it!

We’ve invested a lot of miles in the conference management department. Our years of experience have taught us that, if you want to launch a conference well, you’ll need to work through five primary phases: dreaming, building, launching, navigating and landing. We believe in this process so much that we wrote a Launch Guide, detailing everything a conference administrator needs to know and do to successfully get their conference off the ground.

Here are the phases you’ll have to navigate as you plan a conference:


In the dreaming phase, you spend time remembering WHY what you’re doing is important. Now is a good time to step back and think about why you want to have your conference and what you want it to be like. It can be refreshing to remember the bigger picture when you’re feeling a bit frustrated by unread emails and missed deadlines.


The building phase maps out the course necessary to ensure a successful launch. During this phase, you might create flyers, set dates, organize groups, and create forms. In the Launch Guide we include a series of questions to prompt your brainstorming and guide you to nail down the specifics you need to build an exceptional experience for your guests, so be sure to download it!
Get your Launch Guide here!


Did you know the NASA launch team spends 90% of the time preparing for launch and only 10% of their time actually launching the shuttle or rocket? The same idea applies to launching a conference. It is 90% planning and 10% execution! Our Launch Guide can teach you how to publicize your conference, register your guests, prepare your conference with the registration information you’ve collected, and communicate with your guests.


A successful launch requires a great deal of work on the front end to have an enjoyable experience when the conference begins. When the hard work is complete and your guests begin to arrive, you need to know how to actually lead them through a community experience in real-time. The Launch Guide talks about communication best practices, it provides guidelines to guide your guests through a transformational community experience, and gives you ideas that ensure your guests remain at the center of everything you do.


You’ve piloted your conference through a whole host of challenges and now it’s time for you to land your conference. But before you pack and go home, you’ll need to be sure to tear-down, review your guests’ feedback, and start planning for the next conference. We know you’re tired but it’s important to power through these last few details so you can stick the landing and go home a winner. As you think about dreaming, building, launching, navigating, and landing your conference, you are developing huge opportunities for people to meet one another in real life and create community.

We know that there is so much to do but we encourage you to take a moment to remember who you’re serving and why this is important.

Feel free to use the Launch Guide to chart your course to true conference joy.

Or better yet, use Conference Joy to make sure your conference takes off!