Built For Volunteers

Volunteers are often looking for help with their conferences. If you don’t know where to start, a quick Google search will return enough results to send you into orbit. Maybe you’ve heard of CVent and Eventbrite but you’re not sure if they’re the right fit for you. You don’t have time to vet a thousand choices: we’ll break it down for you.

Tools made with volunteers in mind

Most online tools don’t consider the special needs of a church or ministry-focused conference. They assume a full-time event staff will navigate the software or large events that require ticketed entry. We both know that is not always the case. Especially for a conference run by a small staff or volunteers.

Take for example, CVent. Their website has a ton of information — maybe too much information. CVent tries to be the right tool for everybody. As a result, it’s hard to know where to begin. It requires a lot of configuration and setup to use. Eventbrite centers on ticketing and promotion but not all conferences need tickets. While promotion and ticketing can be really important, for most of us, we have other needs. We need a tool that focuses on organization and communication.

These (and other tools) can be used for church conferences but because they’re not made specifically for them; they all lack some necessary features that volunteers need.

Conference Joy is HOCUS-POCUS FOCUSED on making you a success

Our team has created THE tool that meets the needs of conference administrators operating big dreams with small budgets. Conference Joy addresses the unique aspects of planning conferences for families and generationally diverse groups such as:

  1. Handling families that register together
  2. Quickly creating sub-groups of conference guests based on how they registered
  3. Generating appropriate forms for these different groups, like childcare forms
  4. Communicating with each individual group
  5. Collecting and tracking payments easily and efficiently online without having to chase guests down

Unlike other systems, Conference Joy lets you do all of that quickly and easily. Our start-up process doesn’t require any phone calls, interviews, or pre-sale pitches. Just sign-up and start!

Conference Joy journeys along side of you, helping you dream, build, launch, navigate and land your conference from start to finish. Our goal is to bring joy to the conference planning process. We do this by keeping you focused on connecting with each other—not conference administration. You need a tool that can break through the red tape and do what you need it to do, efficiently and effectively. Don’t waste time on a complex event management system when that’s not exactly what you need.

Get started using the tool that’s built for you.