3 Reasons to Ditch Paper Registrations

So you’ve been tasked with managing a conference?


Facilitating “real life” relationships is one of the most rewarding investments we can make in our digitally-saturated culture. We cherish in-person gatherings over those that happen on screens. But using the internet, wisely, can add alot of value to our conference planning process.

Using the internet to help manage the details of how we gather in real life makes a lot of sense. Using an online registration system is better than managing conference registrations manually with paper forms. Here are three reasons why we prefer online over paper.

1. Online registrations are faster.

It’s no secret that—when it comes to speed—digital trumps paper. Managing a conference using online tools equips you to automate processes and streamline your workflows.

It only takes a few minutes to create an online form for guests to fill out and then pay their registration fee. Having everything stored online means that there is one place to collect information and process payment. This saves you headaches caused by sorting paper, data-entry, and multiple trips to deposit checks at the bank. It’s also faster because the information is immediately available to you and your planning team. With paper you may find yourself behind schedule as you wait on completed forms to be given to you.

2. They’re easier to use.

You might be concerned that online registration might be too complicated. Think about this: once you create a form, the online system generates a link that you can send to guests. Once they have the link, guests can then register for your conference from their phone, tablet, or desktop computer with a few simple clicks.

Sticking with paper breeds a litter of issues: Your guests will only have only one way to register. They might forget to mail or turn in the form. You will have trouble getting an accurate guest count because registrations might lag. Or they could simply lose the paper form and further delay getting you what you need to prepare.

Online registrations are also easier on you because the system sorts, manages and tracks the information for you, freeing you up to focus on other important conference details.

3. They’re more accurate.

When you use an online registration system, all your information lives securely in one central location. That single location for data matters because members of your team will need the most up-to-date information right at their fingertips. Data changes in real time—people move, family members get added to the list, said family members then move, dietary needs change, and special requests are added—this is impossible to track on paper and ensure accuracy (e.g., think about that one team member that makes five copies of the registration forms and then hands them out to her team, unbeknownst to you.) Data on paper is a beast to control and to keep accurate.

Furthermore, since your guests enter the information themselves, you are saved from mistakenly misspelling an email address due to poor handwriting.

These are some of the most important reasons why you should consider managing your conference registrations online. There are certainly more good reasons to do it this way, so many that we wrote a Launch Guide about it! You can find it in our free Launch Pack!

Conference planning is hard and anything you can do to make it a bit easier is worth investigating. We have a lot of experience planning conference and have compiled all that we have learned over the years into a Launch Pack that we are making available to you for free. We hope this Launch Pack will make conference planning easier and help you experience more joy as you bring your people together.

Save trees and use online registration for your next conference!